Light Leaks Pack 1

$ 18,90 $ 7,99


Light Leaks is a premium collection of organic, optically captured light leaks designed let you quickly and simply add a beautiful and individual aesthetic to your next production.

Product Description

Light Leaks Pack 1

Light Leaks¬† Simply add these effects to your edit and select the composite mode screen for best results. It’s that simple.

  • Full HD resolution
    Available in 1080×1920
  • Mac/PC supported
  • H.264 encoded for maximum quality & compatibility.
  • Optically created,¬†genuinely handmade.
  • Drag and drop simplicity
  • No plug-ins needed
  • Affordable
    We offer an affordable, premium solution that will deliver light leaks that are delightfully different, and make your edit stand apart from the pack all for a lot less than the $100’s of dollars charged by others.

Only propose movie, pack included mix light leaks


Additional Information

Frame rate

23,97 fps CINEMA, 29,97 fps

More information

Full HD resolution (1080p)
Royalty Free
Mac/PC support
Available for any non-linear editor that supports Blend or Composite mode, including but not limited to:
Apple Final Cut Pro (including FCPX)
Apple Motion
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Avid Media Composer
DaVinci Resolve
Sony Vegas Pro
No need to install and learn additional plugins/software, simply drag and drop!
Highly customizable. Vary the speed, color, luminance.