Light Leaks Master

$ 29,90 $ 12,99


Light Leaks is a premium collection of organic, optically captured light leaks designed let you quickly and simply add a beautiful and individual aesthetic to your next production.

Product Description

Light Leaks Master Simply add these effects to your edit and select the composite mode screen for best results. It’s that simple.

  • Full HD resolution
    Available in 1080×1920
  • Mac/PC supported
  • H.264 encoded for maximum quality & compatibility.
  • Optically created,¬†genuinely handmade.
  • Drag and drop simplicity
  • No plug-ins needed
  • Affordable
    We offer an affordable, premium solution that will deliver light leaks that are delightfully different, and make your edit stand apart from the pack all for a lot less than the $100’s of dollars charged by others.

Only propose movie, pack included mix light leaks





Additional Information

Frame rate

23,97 fps CINEMA, 29,97 fps